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The cause for significant achievements that mankind has earned through ages is that he has been ready to chart new routes, to take up new challenges and fight for a cause. Great civilizations and ingenious innovations are all the by-products of this courage to take on the world with a different perspective. To make people to take up something different is not easy. There is a limitation to which it can be instilled. Primarily, it should be inborn. Most of us have it within ourselves. We just need to strike it at right time, at the right age. Schools, are thus, the ideal place to nurture such die-hard determinations which are hidden deep within us.

The promoter of this dream institution is the Malayattil Foundation, Thodupuzha. Being a pioneer in School education, the Foundation has been successfully running the Malayattil Kesavan Nair Memorial Higher Secondary School at Kumaramangalam, for the past 52 years. The lessons learned from managing this School, the motivation derived from the students, and the administrative acumen gained from practical experience have been the driving urge to establish TVIS. The only objective of the promoter is to achieve excellence in education by blending uniqueness in tandem with traditions.

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