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Health & Hygiene

Hygienic environment is every kid’s right. Keeping their environment neat and tidy, the right way of using water and food is all part of the basic education in here. Regular cleanliness sessions and awareness programmes are given to all the staff and children at school to ensure a germ-free ambience.

Common facilities include: With a view to achieving a total health care among students, the School has designed an integrated approach emphasizing Yoga, Ayurveda, healthy habits and a change in attitude towards Health and Hygiene. It covers the important aspect of health care Children should be nurtured with hygienic food and safe drinking water, environmental sanitation, immunization etc… These are achieved through awareness and other training classes.

  • 100% clean and pure drinking water
  • Disinfected toilets
  • Regular check- ups for skin diseases
  • Regular monitoring of dental hygiene
  • Awareness sessions on epidemic breaks
  • Food monitoring
  • Scientific waste disposal

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