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  • Non-Teaching Staff Appreciation Day

    Village International School celebrated June8 in a special way by honouring the non teaching staff working under different departments of the school. The non teaching staff was felicitated with flowers and gifts and the program started off with a video presentation featuring all the non teaching staff. The programme was aimed at recognising the aforementioned staff for their effort and contribution to the school. Mr. R.K Das,MD thanked Principal ,Mrs. Saritha Gouthamkrishna for conceptualising the idea and acknowledging the work and dedication of the staff.“Students can learn life skills and core values by observing the non teaching community in the campus.” said the principal in her speech in Malayalam thanking all the staff in for their unstinted and generous service day in and day out.Mrs. Preena Lakshmi thanked the management and proposed vote of thanks on behalf of the non-teaching community. Mrs. Monsamma Joseph,Vice Principal and Mr. Apu John Joseph ,FOS President were also present.


    Village International School celebrated World Environment Day on June 8, 2018 with great zeal and in a unique manner by implementing an Aquaponics unit in the school campus. Aquaponics is a careful blending of aquaculture and hydroponics in which plants are fed the aquatic waste. The unit was inaugurated by Dr.Sudarshan, Consultant Psychiatrist. Mr.Jerin, an expert on aquaponics enlightened the students and faculty behind the function of aquaponics and its advantages. The function began with an introduction by Norah of Grade 1. In keeping with this year’s theme “Beat Plastic Pollution”, the Principal, Mrs. Saritha Gouthamkrishna honoured Abraham Jijo ,student of Grade X for his environment responsible behaviour for his stand against using plastic in the campus. Students planted around 350 vegetable saplings in the newly constructed rain shelter and exhibited posters to help realise the demerits of plastic usage in daily life.


    The 13th Annual Day celebration of the Village International School (31st January, 2018) was spectacular and phenomenal with its co-ordination of various events well merged into a single show. The Chief Guest of the day, Padma shri K S Chithra (the play back singer), and other dignitaries including Mr. Vijay Shankar ( Husband of K.S Chithra), the Managing Director Mr. R K Das, the Dean of the school Mr. S. B Sasi Kumar, and the PT A President Sri. Appu John were ushered on the stage at 6.00 pm and the formal function began with the welcome speech by Mrs. Veena Abraham. The School Report was presented by the Dean of the school Mr. S, B. Sasikumar. The Managing Director Mr. R.K Das, in his speech, recollected his affinity towards music, and highlighted the ability of music to bring changes in one’s life through character formation. K. S Chithra, the South Indian Nightingale, spoke to the children and their parents in the most cordial way and reminded the students about the beautiful time they are going through in their school and how valuable they are to reminisce later in their life. K. S Chithra also nostalgically recollected a few songs that she sang of which the lyrics were written by the MD of the School, Mr. R.K Das. She expressed her immense contentment in visiting his home and the prestigious school. After her speech, she sang three beautiful songs mesmerizing the crowd and through her beautiful smile conveyed her greetings to the fraternity of TVIS. In his speech the PTA president Appu John Expressed his conviction in the teaching strategy of TVIS and how the school has proven to be one of best educational institutions in Kerala. He was all words for the hard work put up by the teachers for the promotion of the children. The Chief Guest of the Day, KS Chithra also spent her valuable time distributing prizes for the winners of TVIS, 2018 and the Director of the school Mrs. Sudha Das presented a memento to Mrs. K. S Chithra as a note of love that TVIS keeps for her. The various cultural programmes commenced soon after the formal function. Various dance forms, a pageantry of other cultural programmes, the fabulous display of TVIS orchestra were only a few among the multi-dimensional programmes displayed on the stage. The skit ‘Mazha’ was received with a huge applause from the crowd for the its gorgeous presentation as well as the theme of environmentalism it conveyed to the spectators. The most notable and ever cherishable mark of the 13th Village International Annual Day was the graceful presence of K.S Chithra throughout the function and her blessings for the villageons. The function culminated with the ‘finale’ at almost 10.00 pm with the sizzling crowd dispersing after exchanging pleasantries to meet again very soon.


    When the players are on the ground, they play with the intention of winning the game. Team spirit or coordination is fostered in the games and sports which always help in establishing cordial and harmonious relationship with any different individuals, states and nations. . The victory or defeat is to be accepted with a sportsman spirit. It always inspires one to reach the dizzying heights. Discipline is the hallmark of success. Not only discipline but self-interest, self-reliance, aplomb, confidence and accurate deliberation are imbibed in us through sports. So the play ground becomes a school imparting the best education to us. The Village International School functionalized its 13th Annual Sports Meet on 13th January, 2018. Mr. B Vinod, The President of Kerala Cricket Association, inaugurated the event and declared the Meet open. The ebullient and enthusiastic Villageons made an eye-catching and mindboggling march past in tune with the music. The prizes and the certificates of merits were dished out to the winners on the occasion inviting them to the Victory Stand. Parents and Teachers also actively participated in the sports. Mrs. Veena Abraham (Dept. of English) rendered the welcome speech. Sharon B Thottam, the Head Girl, proposed vote of thanks. The graceful aura of the Managing Director, Mr R K Das, is remarkable and the gracious and elite presence of the Dean was notable. All the students were thankful to him for instructions in the march drill. The great and eventful day ended with the closing ceremony.

  • Christmas celebrations @ TVIS

    The Christmas celebrations, 2017 in TVIS were creative and novel with varied programmes. Amid typical Christmas decorations with stars and cone trees, the school imposed a festive look with students wearing Christmas Santa caps, red and white attire and waving colourful balloons. The smile on the face of little kids seemed like the ‘God’s own kingdom’ has descended on to TVIS. The day’s formal function began with a welcome speech by Mrs. Jincy Cerin, followed by a formal speech by the Chief Guest, Rev. Father Dr. Jose Kannampuzha, a veteran professor with 28 years of experience in NSS Engineering College, Palakkad and Amal Jyothi College of Engineering Kanijirapally. The Chief Guest, also a writer, in his speech had an intense discussion with the students regarding human values and their need in the present society. The peculiarity of his speech was that it was down to earth and it caught the interest of the audience throughout his narration. The Chief Guest also used his time to release the ‘News Letter-the Village Vignette’ of the school which is a recorded and illustrated account of all the school activities pertaining to the present academic year. The Managing Director of the School, Mr. R. K Das presented the Chief Guest with a memento as a note of good gesture. The Dean of the school Mr. Sasikumar also conveyed his Christmas message to his students and staff. He opined that our days will become peaceful if each day is converted to a Christmas day. Director Sudha Mam, The Finance and Administrative Manager Mr. Ramachandran Malayattil , KG Coordinator Sethu Parvathy, Vice Principal Mrs. Monsamma Manoj, Mrs. Sudha Sasikumar, the wife of Dean, S.B Sasikumar were also present on the occasion. The programmes of the function included songs by the Kindergarden students, Carol by the high school students , a nativity play and presentation of various dances representing different states. The function concluded at 12 30 P M. with a grand Christmas feast to the students, teachers and non teaching staff.

  • TVIS- Makes a Mark in CBSE State Kalotsav, 2017

    CBSE State Kalotsav, 2017 became quite remarkable in the history of TVIS as the students brought glittering laurels to its archive. When the school orchestra under the leadership of Master Joseph P John (Team members include: Joseph P John, Ashik Babu, Anna Maria Majo, Kailas K.H, Vidya Ajay, Maritta Bobby, Elvin Biju) bagged the second prize in the state festival, there were no dearth for prizes in other fields including symphony in guitar (Joseph P John (II prize, CBSE State Kalotsav), elocution (Midhuna M Nair -A Grade), story writing (Isha M Nasi- A Grade), recitation (Adithya Ajith- A Grade), and anchoring (Ann Isabel Michael- A Grade). The list of A graders in various other categories also far exceeded the previous years. The Dean of the School, Mr. S.B Sasikumar expressed his elation by complimenting the students and conveying his optimism in achieving more feats in future. The Dean never kept back his words in praising the efforts of the teachers and staff for promoting and supporting the students. On behalf of the Management, Mr. R.K Das (The Managing Director), congratulated the students and presented mementos to the winners. He also expressed his contentment in the performance of students in the extra-curricular activities.

  • Vikram Sarabhai Science initiative kickstarts fete on 7 October, 2017

    The Vikram Sarabhai Science Initiative kickstarted the World Space Week celebrations with ‘Exploring New Worlds in Space and IVth Bright Spot Science’ conclave in association with CUSAT at the CUSAT seminar Hall Kochi. SuchitraShyjinth, Project Head, delivered the welcome address. Commodore G Prakash, Commanding Officer, Southern Naval Command, who was the chief guest, inaugurated the function. The Commodore underscored the need to set goals in life and to learn from the lives of great personalities. He urged the students to identify the science in our daily living to make science interesting. Miss. AiswaryaSunil(2nd rank-South Zone),Maritta Bobby Jose(3rd rank-South Zone) received the awards from Commodore G Prakash. Master John Felix and Miss Revathy Nair received the medals and certificates. 20 selected BRIGHT SPOT Students from our school along with Senior Physics teacher Mrs. Jinny Varghese and Anilkumar M attended the function and they were awarded with Outstanding Performance Certificate based on SPOT final assessment 2016-17 signed by Dr.GMadhavan Nair [Former ISRO Chairman & Chairman of VSSF, Cochin] The special address was delivered by K KSaju, Director, IRAA, Cusat. He shared his insights on how ‘children should learn the art of conserving resources and the need to adapt to changes’. Indira Rajan, Executive Director administrated a pledge - ‘Me and my nation India’ - to the students. The opening session of World Space Week 2017 was handled by SheejuChandran, Senior Scientist, VSSC, Thiruvananthapuram. He spoke about India’s achievements in space. The concluding session on Photonics was handled by PramodGopinath, International School of Photonics, CUSAT. Dr. J P Chadurvedi, Ass.Secretary, CBSE motivated the students in his special message and Mr. Anilkumar M received the Best Mentor award from him.

  • Diwali Celebration @ TVIS

    Deepavali, the festival of lights, symbolizes the end of darkness and the rise of a new dawn. Scriptures exhort the day to be the elimination of ignorance by lighting up of one’s inner conscience with knowledge. When the whole country celebrated Diwali through feast, games and fireworks, the students of TVIS did not want to back off. Different programmes started with fall of the twilight; hundreds of Villageons lit up oil lamps around the school, and marked the arrival of festival of lights. The amazing scene of numerous lamps well arranged and unanimously glowing was a visual treat to everybody around. The celebration reached its peak when hundred of rockets popped up in the sky to create multicolored patterns. The dance of the students with the songs and kids running with electric sparklers really brought Deepavali into the courtyard of TVIS. The Dean, Mr. Sasikumar, conveyed his greetings to all the Villageons and shared their happiness of the day.


    Kite flying, a traditional activity and game, became a celebration for the energetic boys and girls of Grade VIII in TVIS. The kites were made in their classrooms, scientifically and systematically, with the help of teachers using bio-degradable materials. It was also an opportunity for students to experiment with different geometrical shapes, angles, and measurements that they had learned in their arithmetic classes. On the playground, the students ran with their kites, spurring up a celebratory mood. The flag off for ‘the kite flying’ was done by the DEAN, S.B.Sasikumar. He shared his joy with students by recalling his childhood days and the different games he played with his friends. The Kite flying lasted for 2 hours with almost 30 multi-coloured kites fluttering in the wind amid the joy of the students.


    The return of Onam, the harvest festival of Kerala, once again to the bounds of TVIS, was received with much pomp and pride. The multi-colored floral carpets, the traditional attire of the crowd, the presence of mythological King Mahabali, and a multitude of cultural programmes heralded the arrival of Onam once again to the premises of TVIS. Various competitive programmes and games commenced with the lighting of the lamp by the Chief guest Dr. Joseph Stephen Chazikkattu, Managing Director R K Das, Director Sudha Mam, the Dean of the School S.B Sasikumar and Vice Principal Monsamma Manoj. Thiruvathira, group songs, pulikali, skits and various dance forms were the show of the day. In a surprise move, the school also organized a smiling competition among the students. The idea was to select the best smiling face among boys and girls respectively. The culmination of the programme was a grand feast, preferably called, ‘Onasadhya’ with all the traditional dishes.

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  • Formative Assessment I - July 2014

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    Credulity is the man’s weakness, but the child’s strength. Diwali is celebrated with great enthusiasm throughout India. It marks the victory of Rama over Ravana. Thus Diwali is the symbol of the victory of the forces of good over evil. The Villageons also celebrated Diwali on 2nd November, 2013. The gala performance was started at 7 P M in the Activity Hall of the school. The boarders were enthralled and captivated by the ennobling presence of Mr,S.B.Sasikumar, the Dean of the School. They staged many programmes. There were dances, skits, solos, concerts etc. The fortissimo ended up with the message of the day by the Dean. The crack-brained little buds of T V I S hereafter cracked crackers along with music and dance.


    Admission Test for classes IV to IX will be conducted at the School on any working day. (Monday to Saturday) from 15th November 2010 to 15th May 2011.

  • EXAM - 13th December 2010

    Second Terminal Exam - Grade XI Second Summative Assessment - Grade I - V Third Formative Assessment - Grade VI - X


    School closes for Christmas holidays on 23rd Dec 2010. Christmas celebrations, cinematic dance competition and carol singing competition will be held on the same day.

  • School Re-opens on 03.01.2011

    School re-opens after Christmas holiday on 3rd January 2011

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