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   Giri Balasubramanium, Pick Brain, Quiz Master  

Truly glad to be at a school that blends modernity and tradition perfectly. Its a 'Globally Relevant Village' that you have built.


   Rev. Dr. Valson Thampu, Principal, St. Stephen's College, Delhi  

Am encouraged to come across a unique school like TVIS. Wish the school all blessings as it pursues the soulful work of equipping young people for the adventure of life.


   K. M. Sabu Mathew, DySP, Thodupuzha  

It was a wonderful experience. The students maintain a high level of discipline and enthusiasm.


   G. Venugopal, Playback Singer  

Really happy to be a part of the world music day celebrations. Very positive energy all over. Talented children, excellent faculty and good, clean environment.


   Alphons Kannanthanam IAS, politician  

May they dream great dreams.


   Mrs. Sherly Fonseca  

A session for KG teachers. The teachers were very interested in the session. they were lively. Wishing all prosperity and growth of this school.


   Psy. Vipin. V. Roldant, HOD, Dept. of psychology, Sunrise Hospital, Kakkanad  

I came here for the convocation ceremony of KG students. It was an awesome program. Well organised.. Great hospitality.. Great time.. Expressing my happiness to all.. Wishing you success for future endeavors..


   Stephen Devassy, Musician  

Had a great time.. Very elegant attitude. Keep it up!


   Sreesanth, Cricket Player  

Thanks a lot! Had an amazing time and learning experience. Keep going strong and keep it up! All the very best!


   Gopinath Muthukad, Magician  

"Magical experience"


   M. Nandakumar, IAS  

Visited the school and talked to the students and teachers. An institution par excellence, with a well kept and neatly maintained building and beautiful premises, can cater to the requirements of the students to empower them to shoulder great responsibilities in the future. I am really impressed by the teachers, the behavior of the students and the atmosphere of this school. I wish the school every success.


   S. Subramanian, Director (News), Doordarshan  

Extremely delighted to use the programme in a school set in sylvan surroundings. My heartfelt congratulations to all faculty members on their effort to create a new breed of young igniting minds in the service of the nation.


   G. Madhavan Nair, Former Chairman, ISRO  

I am extremely pleased to be at the Village International School at Thodupuzha. Excellent set up in a serene rural ambience. I could see quality in all aspects and excellent discipline. My heartiest congratulations to the teachers, management staff and students for excellent achievement. May God bless you all.


   Biji Bal, Music director  

Very happy to see the unique facilities offered by this school for the students. Pleasure being here.


   Dr. Jessina Merchant, Parenting Consultant  

The first thing I liked about the school was the discipline and hospitality of the staff and students. They are extremely smart and confident. They sure are to make a big difference. Parents are very interactive. Good luck.


   Dr. Prahlad Vadakkepat, Associate Professor, National University of Singapore  

The experience I had at TVIS was on e of its kind where the students irrespective of their age was found to be highly inquisitive and ready to interact. A good upbringing by the school, parents and the management. I wish the school will nurture young minds to make a difference.


   Lt Cdr. Arjun Menon  

Extremely privileged and honoured to be invited to this esteemed institution. Wish good luck and new heights to the school in years to come!


   Commander Roy Francis, PRO, Ministry of Defence, Kochi  

It is an honour to visit TVIS. Impressed with the facilities and visionaries. Wish the school great success.


   muhammed Younus. T. K, Personal Director, Kerala Social Security Mission, TVM  

Thank you for giving a chance to come and meet the teachers of tomorrow.


   Shamim Rafeek, Corporate trainer and business coach  

Great place for children to shape up their future. A fantabulous Dean and energetic teachers, I am sure TVIS is on the way to become the best school in this country. Good luck to everyone.


   Benny George, Corporate trainer, Success Unlimited, Cochin.  

Set in a serene background, Village International School boasts of good human oriented value based education through great people as teachers. I could feel it! God bless!



Wonderful place with wonderful people. I could feel the presence of God and his ways in the campus.


   Zaileshia. G, Clinical psychologist  

The Village International School. The structure and placing as well as the administration of it. Touched by the hospitality and the innovative ideas that the management is looking forward to implement! All success to TVIS!


   sajith Thomas, CEO, Asha HR Innovations Pvt Ltd, Career Consultant- Malayala Manorama  

Village International is a unique learning hub, which I haven't seen in any other school in the state. Here I have seen students acquiring the greatest gift of education- Wisdom from the teachers. Village International- Truly International with Indian values. Sure its going to be the advocate for change in today's education system.


   Anita Pratap, Writer and Journalist  

It was a wonderful experience being in your school. My honour and privilege to be here and I thank you for giving me this opportunity to be here. This is a noble effort and i wish the school, the staff and students every success to continue doing the great work.


   Meera Nandha, Cine Actress  

Good luck to all the students. Happy that my brother is also a student of the school. May the flag fly high.


   Vijay Menon, Corporate Trainer  

Organic growth coupled with affirmed purpose sums up TVIS. Happy to see this efflorescence.


   Dr. Sr. Mary, LLM Hospital, kidangoor  

It is my great pleasure and pride to be with this school's staff and students for the Christmas celebrations 2012. The function was excellent. The standard of this school, I could make out from this celebrations. Certainly the Dean, M. D Mr. Das, school teachers, other staff and students have cooperation, love and discipline. Love each other, I wish all the success. Thank you for inviting me as the chief guest. God bless.


   T. A Jaffar, Football Coach, Cochin  

It is my pleasure to inaugurate the 8th annual sports day. I enjoyed a lot and I wish all success to the participants. Also, I congratulate the M.D, Principal and staff for conducting this event in such a wonderful way.


   Capt. T. V Unnikrishnan  

It was a pleasure to visit the school. Congratulations to the Dean and the staff of the school. A very pleasant and enjoyable interaction with the students too. Keep it up!


   Brig Shaji Kuriachan, Army War College  

Tremendous potential to grow further. Best wishes, God bless.


   Edgar Morris, Chairman, Nippon Kerala Centre, Kalamassery  

Very much impressed by the discipline and overall development of the students.


   Yoko Hayashi, AOTS Kerala Internship, KYOTO, Japan  

I had a wonderful time with students and teachers. Teachers are very kind and students are very smart. I could spend special time with students at night! I appreciate your cooperation and hospitality.


   M. J. Vincent, President, Idukki Philatelic & Numismatic Society, Thodupuzha  

I am very impressed about the staff and students of The Village International School. I wish a good future and blessing for every members of this institution.


   Teenu tellens (Playback Singer)  

I am glad and grateful to be here. Will wish all success to this prestigious institution. May all peace stay at Village International.


   K. A Muraleedharan IBS, Station Director, All India Radio, Trivandrum  

This Village is a golden valley of thoughts and ideas. Wish this school my best thoughts.


   Ratish Krishnan, DySP Idukki  

I am very glad to be here in this school to attend the Investiture ceremony. I thank the school's principal, management, staff and students for giving me the opportunity to attend this function.


   S. Vijayakumaran Nair  

When I had been working in the Sainik School, I developed a cordial relationship with Mr. S. B Sasikumar, the present principal of The village International School. I visited this school to establish a personal relationship with him. As soon as i stepped into the school premise, I was thrilled to see the sprawling campus situated in a village with a panoramic view. As a teacher, I could feel a congenial atmosphere filled with positive energy. The classrooms are well maintained. I wholeheartedly wish good luck for future endeavours.


   Nazriya Nazim  

Warm welcoming! Good to be here...


   Anuradha Chhabria  

On 18th October 2012, I was travelling in SABARI EXPRESS Train from Hyderabad. In the same compartment even your school children were also there. They were from 7th and 8th class. I should take this pleasure to say they were much disciplined and well behaved children. I would like to thank you and their parents to train them in such a way. God bless you all… For your information I was in coach S11. Thank you


   Usha Uthup (Playback Singer)  

Magical ambience! I love this school….. hope to return one day to see and experience “The Village Intyernationsl School” God Bless You all ….. Peace & Love…… Music always……


   C.C Jacob IRS (Indian former footballer and Assistant Commissioner, Customs – Retd.)  

It was a pleasure to visit your great institution. I was happy to see the Annual Sports Meet organized in a systematic way. I offer all the support from my side. Best wishes.


   M. J. Rajesh Fernando (Value Communicator, Garden City College)  

GO….. GROW…… GLOW…..


   Roy K.P (Value Communicator, Garden City College)  

It was a wonderful experience to visit such a wonderful campus. My heartfelt congrats to Mr. Das and the entire team.


   Antonella Zagaroli (Italian poetess and social worker)  

It was an unexpected pleasure to exchange ideas and way of teaching life to the young generation. Thank you


   N. Vinayakumaran Nair (A.C of Police, Hi Tech Crime Enquiry Cell)  

I thank the management for giving an opportunity to deliver a lecture on “Cyber Crimes” for the students of TVIS. It was an excellent session filled with questions and answers. I wish all success to The Village International School.


   Asha Thomas Fenn (Corporate Consultant)  

It was indeed a pleasure meeting the youngsters of class XI & XII. I feel they need to be monitored on a daily basis by the class teachers. Constant monitoring will do a magical effect on children, in other words one has to own them. Class teachers play a major role here. I am sure with the support and guidance of excellent management personnel, The Village International School will go miles ahead. May I wish you the very best in the days to come. Thanking the management for the warmth and hospitality extended.


   George Peter (Playback Singer)  

“Thank you Mr. Das and Mr. Sasikumar sir for the wonderful experience with children. This is very memorable. God bless you all.”


   Adv. Thajmol S.H (Vice Chair Person, Thodupuzha Municipality)  

It is my pleasure to be here with young minds of this institution. I congratulate the management, teachers and staff of this institution for their devoted achievements. Today 30th of November 2011, I am proudly declaring this institution “PLASTIC FREE ZONE CAMPUS”. I hope TVIS will function as a role model to other institutions in every aspect.


   Fred Strebe (Flutist, Paris)  

I enjoyed meeting the faculty and students. The programme was interesting and well organized, particularly the traditional dances. It was an honor to play my flute for the students. I wish best of luck to the first graduating batch.


   VIJAY MENON (Management Academician & Competency Enabler)  

“A wonderful experience in an equally good school. The intent and purpose shown is of the highest class. Commitment to values and culture makes the school noble.”


   K. AJIT KUMAR ( Asst. General manager, SBI)  

“A unique school with state of the art facilities. I am sure the school under the able guidance of the Principal, his staff and the Management, will succeed in its endeavors.”


   SUMESH PARAMESWAR ( Guitarist – Ragazz)  

“Really felt fresh when I saw the children and the school ambience. I am very happy that I got a chance to perform in front of them.”


   JOB POTTAS (Reverse Spelling – “GNILLEPS”)  

“Enterprising children passing good challenge, really enjoyable ambience, spiritable staff. A memorable day! Thanks!”


   K.V JOSEPH (Deputy Supdt. Of Police – Vigilance and ACB – Idukki)  

“Today I visited The Village International School. I am watching the growth of this wonderful institution from the very beginning. The growth and progress is amazing. Congratulations to the management and staff. “


   PHILIP KURIAN (Manipal K-12 Education – Bangalore)  

“It was pleasure to be part of the inauguration of the I-classroom solution. Commitment and dedication of the TVIS team is commendable. I am sure TVIS will bring in much more in the field of technology to the small town of Kumaramangalam help the students here at par with the students from metros. All the best.”


   RAVI DEECEE (Managing Director - DC Books)  

“Very good infrastructure. A great feeling of a community.”


   MAYA MENON (The Teacher Foundation – Bangalore)  

“It’s been a pleasure visiting TVIS at kumaramangalam. The school ambience is warm, gentle and the students look very happy! Thanks for your hospitality!”


   P.T. THOMAS (Member of Parliament)  

“Today I visited The Village International School. The total atmosphere is well and good. TVIS is now considered as a true International school with its global outlook. I hope this prestigious institution will be a model for the country.”


   P. DILEEP (Cine Actor)  

“Amazing – The Village International School creates talents for the future. Can’t believe a great school in Thodupuzha. Keep it up. Best wishes. “


   KAVYA MADHVAN (Cine Actress)  

“Great experience. Nice behaving of the staff and students. Best wishes.”


   Dr. PREMNADH KURUP (La Trobe University – Melbourne)  

“I am delighted to come and see this school where Mr. S.B. Sasikumar is the leader. I am very sure that this school will do an excellent job in producing great citizens in this country nationally and internationally under this leadership. I should say I am lucky to get such a school for my research project.”


   MADHU BALAKRISHNAN (Playback Singer)  

“It was a great pleasure to be here in TVIS and inaugurate the KIDS ZONE. I am very much impressed with the atmosphere and the discipline of the students here. May god bless you all.”


   JOB KURIAN (Playback Singer)  

The approach of this institution has really inspired me. Art and Music is really supported by the management. Keep up the good work.


   Ms. SUDHA CHANDRAN (Bharatanatyam Dancer / Actress)  

“It gives me great pleasure to be the Chief Guest on 6th Village Day Celebrations!!! When the foundation is strong, the building automatically becomes strong. With Mr. S.B Sasikumar, Principal, TVIS has an excellent team with a vision, commitment, professionalism and discipline. I wish I could be a student of this school, but all dreams don’t come true, but my honor to be present here!!! Keep this good work happening! May you reach the pinnacle of success! “


   Dr.G.S Pradeep  

V ital I nstitution for L aunching L eaders A round G lobal E ducation


   R.Nishanthini IPS (Asst. Supdt. Of Police, Thodupuzha)  

“It is a great pleasure to be here with young minds in this wonderful morning. I could see the discipline, teamwork, coordination and leadership amongst the students that this Village International School has inculcated upon them. I have no doubt that this educational institution will give the best citizens to the country.”


   V.RAGHUNATH (Asst. General Manager – SBI Eranakulam)  

"I had been planning to visit this school for quite some time. Could make it at last today. What a pleasant surprise! A really futuristic educational institution with a committed management. The students are extremely smart and well groomed. Wishing the team the very best."


   AFSAL (Project coordinator – Evobotics)  

"It was a great pleasure to be here in TVIS. The technology and serenity of the place goes well with the institutions idea of western education along with Indian culture. We wish you all the best for your future endeavors."


   JAGADISH (Actor)  

"Excellent academic atmosphere. Pleasant environment. Keep it up VILLAGE."



"My sincere thanks for giving me an opportunity to visit your school. My regards and love to all staff and students."


   M.S.VINAYAK (Cambridge Examinations – U.K)  

"Lively and colorful themes. Very enjoyable learning experience. I am sure students are amidst professional teachers and in the highest standards of education. All the best."


   JAYEN VARMA (World Record Bass Guitarist)  

"I am really honored to be in this school and perform my music. I am sure that the guidance being given to the children here will take them to big heights."


   ASHOK KUMAR SINGH ( District Collector - Idukki)  

"It was my pleasure to be here to inaugurate the DIGITAL CLASSROOM PROJECT. I wish this is going to make lot of difference to teaching and will make learning fun. I wish bright future to all students and all the best to TVIS."


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